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Komatsu Forklift

Komatsu Forklift U.S.A. Inc. has a very good reputation for building reliable and rugged forklifts. Komatsu is renowned around the world as a corporation with a prosperous heritage while preserving an outstanding benchmark of refinement and quality in both design and equipment manufacturing.

Komatsu Forklift U.S.A., Inc., a division of Komatsu Forklift Co., Ltd., International Division and Komatsu Utility Co., Ltd remains devoted to their pledge of helping to foster a better tomorrow. The company heritage dates back to 1921, when Komatsu, Ltd started out in Japan as a producer of mining and construction equipment. Very quickly the company grew into an industry leader and was accountable for constructing Japan’s first contemporary bull dozer and farm tractor.

Over the past couple decades, Komatsu has developed to become a international giant due to their stability and expertise within the various fields of logistics, excavating, construction and mining. Using progressive concepts and technological superiority, they continue to be at the forefront of these industries.

Evolving in 1945, Komatsu Forklift Co., Ltd has expanded immensely. Using their enhanced production features and modern design methods, Komatsu has become known to manufacture the kind of rugged and dependable forklift that customers across the globe have come to depend on. In 1976, Komatsu Forklift U.S.A., Inc was established to meet the growing demand for its products in the North American market. To improve expenditures and efficiencies, a contemporary facility was developed in Covington, Georgia in 1990, to unite all U.S. Komatsu Forklift product support and production operations.

Remaining one of the primary suppliers and manufacturers of durable and innovative lift trucks today, Komatsu Forklift U.S.A., Inc continues to satisfy their customers’ wishes worldwide. Central and Latin America, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America are home to some of Komatsu’s satisfied customers along with their North American consumers.

After years of providing consumer service and maintaining relationships, Komatsu Forklift recognizes that meeting the customers’ needs is vital. All original product enhancement at Komatsu begins first with the consumer. By welcoming input and criticism, they are able to determine customer needs and expectations then cultivate progressive concepts and then build to exceed Komatsu Engineering Standards. Assuring consumers that quality is planned from the start and sustained throughout the production, service and product sales processes, allows Komatsu to end up with a superior product from start to finish.

Komatsu engineers are specialized professionals in crafting forklifts, construction equipment and heavy duty equipment. Their design skill and competence assures that every new piece of equipment will last in the toughest environments and have the ability to survive the roughest applications. Adherence to stringent engineering standards enables Komatsu Forklift to satisfy ISO 9001 standards. Computer aided design and rigorous internal quality standards all factor in to high-class lift truck products. Komatsu Engineering Standards transform the modern and progressive expertise used in advanced mining and construction equipment into world class equipment.

The modern and efficient manufacturing facility in Covington, Georgia is a full service plant. This state-of-the-art facility starts the manufacturing process with raw steel which is then welded, fabricated and primed. Once assembled and painted the forklifts are ready to leave the plant and enter the market. Maintaining quality control through the length of the manufacturing process, assures customers that the quality is built into Komatsu’s products from the very beginning.

Komatsu believes that a product is only as valuable as the individuals who support it and sell it, their sellers make all the difference. Komatsu Forklift features an outstanding network of company sellers and independent dealers who are working hard to outdo expectations. Specialized in all elements from sales, service or operating instruction, or aftermarket support, their diverse association of knowledgeable and capable experts are available. Komatsu Forklift Supplier locations across the country have a Komatsu OEM parts on-hand to offer the necessary service required to keep customers’ operations running smoothly. Computerized, real-time access with next day distribution from their highly automated circulation center is another option. The web-based K-Link system assists sellers with on-line parts management, service and acquisition for all major forklift brands.

At Komatsu Forklift U.S.A., Inc. they understand that their world-class clients rely on Komatsu forklifts in their every day operations. So Komatsu focuses their attention on their national account customers allowing them to gain from an original relationship that facilitates them adapt their partnership in order to boost consumer efficiency and profits. Komatsu national account consumers have access to on-line parts and operations support system and a wide-ranging fleet administration program, offering the ability for Komatsu to be their total solution for any lift truck worries.

The reliable and resourceful team at Komatsu Forklift U.S.A., Inc., are focused on providing their customers an exceptional experience whether it is through sales, education, maintenance, or aftermarket support. They want to guarantee the level of customer service provided will help their customers satisfy or exceed their goals and build a thriving business/client partnership in the process. Komatsu strives to understand each of their customers’ unique means of doing business and enjoys working together to develop a plan to best insure their ongoing success.

Komatsu encourages you to get in touch with with one of their many local Komatsu forklift sellers to find out more about the several products and services available. Customer satisfaction and support are two of the companies top priorities and it is easy to see why thousands of clients world-wide rely on the Komatsu family of products everyday.

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